What I’m Doing Now

February 27, 2018

Based on my recent content, some of you may have guessed already that my current pursuit with the direction of the site is film reviews. You can even guess the reason for this: that expensive but oh-so-worth-it Cinema Studies degree I mention occasionally. As I’ve previously stated, cinema is my life. I watch movies endlessly. Writing about them is a legitimate use of my degree and a good place to start in the career of blogging.

But these reviews are not Cinema Studies essays. They will not be pages-long epic pieces of writing with copious citations and endlessly picking scenes down to the bones. I’m not here to interpret a director’s meaning or point out all of the political and social themes. I am neither a psychic, nor a sociologist.

I am a cinephile.

As such, these reviews will be my honest opinion of films I see or have seen. Some of them, films I consider personal favorites, will likely be looked at through a lens of rosy bias. I do not now, nor will I ever, claim total objectivity. Any cinephile can attest to the fact that cinema is an exceedingly personal medium. But I will take the utmost care to use my knowledge of the elements of cinema to give a fair assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of films, both old and new.

So I hope you enjoy the new direction, and if you enjoy my reviews or find them useful, I’d appreciate it if you could share them with your friends and loved ones. Constructive criticism is welcome.

<3 elegy