Okay, y’all. I don’t know all the fancy legal jargon or anything, but here’s the deal. If you leave comments, you have to include a name and email. That email will only be used for your comment. I won’t send you an email unless you ask for a reply, and I won’t give your email address to anybody else. Not for money, not for power, not for anything short of a court order. Cuz, let’s face it, if the law says I have to hand over your email, I just have to. Also, if you do something mean, like send me threats and stuff, that’s called cyber-bullying, and is also a crime, so I will give over your email address to police. So yeah. Your info is safe with me unless there are any legal issues.

If you check me out on any of my social media sites, they all have privacy policies of their own. Make sure you read their privacy policies and understand them, and understand that I have no control over what they send you. Also be sure you read up on any cookie settings or anything else those sites use.

Any ads you see around the site, they’re what allow me to keep the site up and running. Clicking on them takes you to places outside of the site, and I have no control over any of those places. Make sure you read terms of service and privacy policies of those places so you know what they info they ask for and how they use it. You are under no obligation from me to click ads. For more info about ads, you can visit this page. There are opt-out options for ads, too. Check those out here.

I leave my comments section open on every blog post, because I want to encourage open discussion. Here’s the thing, though. In my world, we practice this thing called “respect”. That means:

NO hateful remarks about religion, race, sex/gender, disability, lifestyle, NOTHING. Just don’t do it. Those comments that include ANY sort of hate speech will be deleted, and any promoting any sort of violence against ANY person or group will be reported to police. End of story.

NO obscene content. I don’t want to read about your latest conquest, or the new porn video you just rented, or anything like that. If you wouldn’t talk to little Timmy next door about it, don’t talk about it here. And I don’t care if you swear. I swear like a sailor. But not everything needs thirty F-bombs in it, okay?

NO personal info. This isn’t a job application, a Facebook page, or an about me questionnaire. No sharing addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers… this is the internet. It isn’t always safe. And not just your info. If you have your best friend’s credit card number, do NOT post it here. No.

NO dissing this or other websites. If you don’t wanna be here, don’t be here. If you don’t wanna be on other sites, don’t be there. It’s not that hard.

Just be groovy, and everything will be fine.

<3 elegy

TL;DR version: I won’t sell your email, check out privacy policies and cookie settings on any sites that direct you away from here including social media, don’t be a jerk in the comments.