About Me

So who is elegy nevermore, anyways?

Well, an elegy is defined by dictionary.com thusly:

“1. a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem, especially a funeral song or a lament for the dead.
2. a poem written in elegiac meter.
3. a sad or mournful musical composition.”


And “nevermore” comes from Edgar Allan Poe’s immortal poem “The Raven”, one of my all-time favorites.

“Okay, so you’re a depressed Poe nerd?” Not at all.

The name elegy comes from my college nickname, L.G., my first and middle initials. Elle-Gee, elegy. As for Poe nerd… well, kind of. I’m actually just a nerd in general. And a geek. And a lot of other labels that you’ll discover as you look around the site. Why is elegy nevermore in lowercase? Meh. Mostly because I like the aesthetics of lowercase letters. And I’m an improper noun, definitely not a proper one.

So who is elegy nevermore? My name is L.G. Jones (boring name, right?). Not quite thirty, Asperger’s syndrome diagnosee, cinema studies graduate, Jim Henson fangirl. Major Star Wars fan, sugar addict, abandoned Build-A-Bear adopter, video game player. Dog mom, Netflix binge-watcher, amateur artist, aspiring author. And so on and so forth. A whole collection of characteristics, just like anybody else, with opinions, ideas, and stories to tell. Welcome to the madness.

*Please note, elegy nevermore is a pseudonym, a name I chose for myself as an artist. But it’s me as a person, too. If you interact with “elegy nevermore” on any of my social media sites or on this site, you’re getting 100% me. We may not always agree, and I’m absolutely fine with that. How boring would the world be if there was no productive dialogue or spirited debate? The world is a big, big place with room for lots of differing opinions and conflicting ideologies. Just remember the keyword: respect.