The month draws to a close. Last week, it was nearly fifty degrees everyday. Today, last time I checked, it was 22. Perfect sinus infection incubation weather. I’m grateful that, so far, I haven’t contracted one, knock wood. I have, however, seemed to have contracted a slight case of the winter blues. I slept until one in the afternoon today.

As the first month of 2018 reaches its end, and in spite of my blues, I find myself actually looking forward to the rest of the year. I can’t believe that it’s nearly February. As you get older, time really does seem to fly. In four short months, I’ll be thirty years old. Sometimes, I feel like an absolute failure. I haven’t had a job that’s lasted more than a year. I haven’t done much worth noting.

Except I have a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema. I have an Associate of Arts. I’ve managed to find and hold a job, even for a year. Despite my recent (going on 3 years) Asperger’s diagnosis, I’ve found the strength and the voice to put myself out into the world through this website. Sure, I don’t have a post everyday. But I’m still sharing my thoughts and feelings. I’m going to start making videos on YouTube and trying to post here more often. I’m going to work on becoming more myself.

So… I don’t have a career and a house. I have plans and hope and people who believe in me, including me. It might not be much, but it’s keeping me going, and that’s what matters.