This was my lunch yesterday:

Leftover fajita chicken, sauteed onions and orange peppers, on a pile of mixed greens with light ranch. I’m actually not one of those who takes pictures of my food, but it was so good, I couldn’t stop myself. This is one of just many changes to my diet that I’m hoping to make over the coming year; more lean meat and greens. But then I turned around and had pancakes and bacon for breakfast this morning, so clearly, I have some work to do. XD

I’m working on getting into some storytelling very soon, on a surprisingly useful platform: The Sims. Over the course of my self-discovery, I’ve come to a strange realization: as much as I love words, and as much as I love writing, I don’t consider myself a writer as such anymore. Storytelling is easier for me with a visual component, so I know how every character and every setting looks. Which, as I think it over, makes perfect sense. My first love was cinema. Costumes, sets, actors… all orchestrated by people with a vision. I feel the same way about theater now. And while cinema and theater focus on the written word, telling the story through a talented writer’s script, placing living, breathing people on a stage or in front of a camera gives writing an entirely new dimension. It gives writing a soul. And that’s why I think storytelling with the Sims might be the way to go.

At least until I can be a real director with real, living actors and a shiny camera. 🙂

Take care!

<3 elegy