So I’ve got a Tumblr now. It’s more than likely mostly gonna be Sims stuff, random video game stuff, goth stuff, and other miscellaneous etcetera, but there it is. These posts will be shared there, so if you follow on Tumblr, you’ll still know everything I post. Lucky you, right? 😛 May start a Pinterest and a Flickr, too. What do you guys think? Good idea or nah?

I know I should post more. For anyone who is reading my random two posts a month, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I’m gonna try and be around more, get some things started. I want lively discussions to go on here, but it’s hard to start a discussion with nothing to talk about. Please continue to bear with me as I get used to sharing my life with the web.

<3 elegy